Consulting Härtelt as a service provider

Especially in larger software companies, the sales-driven workflow is now recognizable. Thus, new software modules and versions are brought to market again and again, and the attempt is made to make this palatable to customers. The most diverse seals of approval and scoring systems are supposed to demonstrate the quality of the products and the service to potential customers. Not infrequently, a look behind the scenes reveals that these support awards or ratings only reflect reality to a limited extent. Large software partners and system houses are also often overburdened with the timely implementation of the large number of projects.

This approach is not ours.

We are satisfied when you can work successfully as a customer. We believe that the products we distribute are ideally suited in the mid-market. Nevertheless, we have been immune to sales requests from manufacturers for many years. We will not offer you products which are not necessary for you or which do not offer you any added value.

Likewise, from our side there is the goal to bring the products purchased by our customers promptly into use. Waiting times of several weeks until the start of a consulting are alien to us!