ERP Complete System

In an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) complete system all entrepreneurial tasks are considered. In addition to the planning of resources such as capital, personnel, operating resources and material, the system must provide a comprehensive information medium on the basis of which targeted management and control can be carried out. Using the integrated communication unit closes the circle to a complex application, which is closely interlocked, but can also be used modularly.

With CSS AG's eGECKO software, it is possible to implement a completely integrated system or selected modules using the latest and most flexible technology. With more than 24 country rights, borders in the form of language barriers or, for example, group consolidation are a thing of the past. The software can be used on a wide variety of platforms.

The program portfolio includes modules for accounting, controlling, human resources, purchasing and sales, materials management and event management. With an integrated CRM system, an internal control system and a document archive, there is plenty of scope for mapping and automating internal processes.

Numerous existing solutions for project service providers, for clubs & associations, in printing and publishing, in health and social services, for laboratories & research institutions or also in the food & beverage sector shorten implementation and work processes for end users.

Mobile applications enable access, capture and approval of desired data even on the go.

With the accumulated knowledge of several decades in numerous sub-areas and modules, Consulting Härtelt GmbH added the eGECKO software to its portfolio at the end of 2020 and started the first national or international projects shortly thereafter. Detailed information about the financial accounting of eGECKO is available here.

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