GDPR and Internal Control System

The EU General Data Protection Regulation, applicable since 25 May 2018, strengthens the rights of every individual. In this context, it was and still is indispensable for many companies to question existing processing procedures and to adapt them if necessary. Technical and organizational measures are the cornerstones of data security. Data protection officers require precise knowledge of the respective software products. User concepts with different roles for access protection, access control mechanisms, logging and corresponding multi-level evaluations are standard requirements.

In an internal control system, technical and organizational rules are methodically controlled and also reviewed. In essence, that means complying with defined guidelines for the complete, systematic and mathematically correct recording of business transactions and the prevention of possible damage by the company's own staff or third parties. Especially due to the advancing digitalization of data, the automation of processes as well as the external threat situation, an internal control system is becoming increasingly important for many companies.

Concrete examples would be the verification of G/L or personal accounts for certain parameters regarding the contents, the modification period or the user who made changes.

For both topics we can advise you extensively about the possibilities in connection with the software products we support.

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