Interfaces, Integration & Automations

The exchange of data between different programs is often seen as an obstacle. Therefore, as a provider of various software products, it has been a top priority for us for many years to ensure that this works smoothly between the products. At the same time, Consulting Härtelt GmbH, as an industry-independent service provider, has always been required to enable the transfer of data to and from numerous other programs.

Thus the coordination and a transfer for example with programs of C-Ware, Athos, ConWin, Avviso or Q-Soft is our everyday's business. But also the exchange with numerous other software products we were able to realize in the past depending upon customer's request in arrangement with the respective manufacturers individually. In parallel, we have created basic configurations for automated data transfer between systems (e.g. Diamant Software to eGECKO), which can be further refined according to individual requirements.

For cases that deviate from the standard, we have been using special connectors for several years and configure them individually in each case. In the area of Sage human resources management, for example, we often use the master data exchange module for this purpose. A converter enables our customers to read any information from text files, so that, for example, the processing of bank statements or Advice notes can be automated to a large extent. But also the reading and/or writing exchange between different programs can be realized with the help of connectors, web services, scripts or individual programming.

At the database level, the precise knowledge of the structure enables us to offer the desired information via so-called views. In practice, for example, different document management systems were equipped with the desired metadata. Another area of application is the evaluation via controlling tools.

From a practical point of view, the bouquet of possibilities regarding interfaces, integration and automation is very diverse. If you need to analyze your requirements in relation to the software products we support - whether in terms of content or price - we will be happy to advise you.

Contact Person: Daniel Härtelt, Tel.: +49 351 - 838 78 71