Financial and asset accounting, cost and activity accounting

Financial accounting is the heart of business accounting. Through the classic tasks of posting and evaluating, the overall result of the company is determined. Likewise, balance sheets, profit and loss statements and business evaluations are prepared.

In contrast, in cost and performance accounting, statements are made about the internal profitability of the company. It is determined, for example, which services the company provides or where costs were incurred. Cost accounting is used for internal accounting.

In asset accounting, the long-lived assets of a company's fixed assets are recorded and managed.

Our customers use sophisticated software products for medium-sized businesses. In addition to the classic tasks of financial accounting, these offer comprehensive functionalities for planning and decision-making. Powerful cost accounting leads to greater efficiency even in small and medium-sized businesses. Asset accounting provides a complete, reliable overview of fixed assets. The software products offer open integration options via web services and other connectivity options.

Subject areas such as invoice receipt management, group accounting, controlling and extensive tools in reporting or planning expand the possibilities.

Since 1993, we have been serving a very diversified customer base in the German-speaking area as in the field of diamant software. Due to our target-oriented support, the availability of support, the comprehensive consulting as well as the balanced price-performance ratio, we are pleased to welcome more and more customers. We are using the Diamant/3 and Diamant 2020 versions with all available features as well as software connections to various special solutions. The fourth version is already in the starting blocks.

In addition, we also work with other software providers and incorporate our know-how as an accounting specialist into the development of software products.

Meanwhile, in addition, we rely on the extensive portfolio of the market leader in medium-sized businesses. Therefore we distribute and support the solution eGECKO of CSS AG. An overview of the complete system is available here.

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