Details Corporate Planner Cons

CP-Cons is a certified consolidation tool for the preparation and analysis of consolidated financial statements.

Essential points, such as the adjustment of the balance sheet, currency translation, the unification of the individual financial statements or the formation of the aggregated financial statements are conveniently supported as part of the consolidation process. Access to the underlying source data is possible at any time. Further company acquisitions or the separation of individual clients can be tracked at any time by setting up the process over time.

The flexible definition of the scope of consolidation into individual companies, subgroups or investment levels is possible.

The individual financial statements can be unified and aggregated. Individual group tax rates can be entered to determine deferred taxes. Furthermore, mirror consolidation, segment reporting or planning and simulation functions are possible. In addition, CP-Cons offers import interfaces to all common lists of totals and balances in any format. There is a high level of data security and consistency. The software is certified.