Recruitment with Sage HR Suite

Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find well-qualified specialists. In this context, extensive search and selection processes present quite a few HR managers with an enormous mountain of tasks. This makes it all the more sensible to automate this process. The applicant management of Sage is a powerful tool for this purpose.

From the employer's point of view, there are many ways to find a suitable candidate for a vacant position. The communication and the call of prospective customers over a job portal, a university or public services turns out to be very difficult sometimes. Once qualified applications have been received in response to specific advertisements, it is not uncommon to determine whether the candidate is really suitable for a position within a more extensive selection process.

It is precisely this entire process that can be massively simplified and streamlined with applicant management from Sage. As a standalone module, after a one-time setup, job postings can be automatically published on the homepage or within a wide variety of job portals. The data of the candidates runs automatically into the system when they are entered online, can be compared there with the previously set requirements and can then also be passed on to the decision-makers via the employee portal. Using predefined or self-designed workflows, you as an employer also present yourself fairly to your applicants at all times, for example by sending automated responses to inquiries. It is also possible to compare possible candidates for a vacant position within the company. When using other Sage modules (such as payroll), the candidates' data can then be immediately transferred to the system and used without time-consuming entries. A predefined entry process with a to-do list additionally ensures that the newly hired employees start smoothly in the company.