October 22, 2020

In the area of time management, we have already implemented a wide variety of projects in the past together with partners in relation to workforce scheduling. In the meantime, Sage also has shift planning in its portfolio.

Especially in the care and hospital sector, staff scheduling plays a central element. It is not uncommon that there is a requirement to transfer data relevant for bonuses to payroll accounting. As HR specialists, we have therefore implemented interfaces with the respective partners when connecting the various planning programs, so that nothing stands in the way of automatic reconciliation.

With shift planning, Sage has now launched another version of time management on the market. Via the employee portal, the respective responsible person can plan the employees after defining locations and areas. In the process, possible employee absences are taken into account. After release, the planned working times are automatically set as working time frames in Time Management. This means that once the data has been entered by the employee, it is available for automatic posting and transfer to payroll without any rework.

From the employee's point of view, the shifts can be checked via the portal. Supervisors can use filters to call up locations, areas or employees.

Übersicht Schichtplanung