Time management in use

At the latest since the legal regulations on minimum wages, the documentation of working hours has become part of everyday life in certain industries. Irrespective of this, however, there are also numerous other reasons to use a professional time management system. Consulting Härtelt GmbH has implemented another project with the Sage HR Suite software in Frankfurt (Oder).

The trade fair and event sector in particular requires extensive customization options for a time management system. In addition to the classic daily and weekly models in which working hours are mapped, there are very individual requirements. Surcharge models for weekend or holiday work or customized break and clocking-in regulations per department or employee are just two of the numerous configuration options.

The recording is done either via an employee portal, where all employees can record, retrieve or correct their times on the computer. Another option is to use time management terminals, which also allow employees who do not have access to a computer to call up their time accounts.

Last but not least, the hours, breaks or bonus times recorded in the system can, for example, be automatically transferred to the Sage HR Suite payroll or output as a report.

As a mobile solution, however, time recording could additionally be done via cell phone. In this way, the hours of work of employees and for projects can also be documented while on the move, thus minimizing the effort involved in the follow-up.

Extensive configuration options, such as the display and planning of shifts, expand the possibilities.

Video Mobile Time Recording (german)