Details further services

Installation and transfer

On the one hand, this includes all points concerning program installation, migration, data transfer or the topic of interfaces. Adaptation and information possibilities exist up to database level.

Ongoing operation

The programs offer a wide variety of reports and evaluations as standard. If you require special reports, text controls, evaluations or transfers, we will be happy to create these for you. We have also implemented special customer requirements with individual programming in a wide variety of products.

If you are looking for technical support (e.g. regular updates) of our software products in your environment, we offer scalable services with defined response times.

Integration & Automations

The integration of software products into various environments as well as the data exchange between the products we offer is part of our daily business. You can find further information here.

Further development

We would be happy to show you all the current variants that are possible with the products we sell.