Details trainings

All training courses can be booked online or as a face-to-face event at our or your premises per day or individually as a webinar on an hourly basis.

Corporate Planning

Day course Corporate Planner
General program operation, setting up structures, presentation of financial data in tables and graphs, analysis of key business figures, simulation, planning tools.

Day course CP Risk Manager
general program operation, structure design, process risk management, risks, analyses, management and control, documentation, master data


Diamant/3 & 2020

Day course Diamant - Administrator
overview system structure, directory and database structure, installation and update, data backup, error analysis, user setup, rights groups, setup of batch jobs

Day course Diamant - Asset Accounting
general program operation, creation of assets, depreciation types and methods, special afa tables

Day course Diamant - Reporting
general program operation, customized reports, new reports, additional fields, BWA, posting list, multi-year comparison

Day course Diamant - Controlling
general program operation, basic components, basics crosstab, create new analyses, selection criteria, object types, formatting, dynamic periods

Day course Diamant - Excel Integration
general program operation, structure, objects, formulas, compilation of tables

Day course Diamant - Financial Accounting
general program operation, account management, postings according to document types, OP management with payment transactions and dunning, balance sheet, BWA and P&L structure, analyses and planning options, creation of individual evaluations

Day course Diamant - Cost accounting
General program operation, cost center and cost unit administration, structure of hierarchy levels, allocation definitions, quantity and employment sizes, creation of individual evaluations.


Sage HR Suite

Day course sage - Administrator
Overview system structure, installation and update, data backup, error analysis, user setup, rights groups, administration / structure & setup HR portal

Day course sage - applicant management
general program operation, job management, job plan, advertisement, recording, process design, publishing online & customization options, HR portal

Day course sage - Controlling (Infocenter)
general program operation, creation of simple tables, pivot tables & diagrams, release processes in connection with client and employee portal, evaluation & export scenarios

Day course sage - payroll accounting
General program operation, client setup, creation of wage types, entry of employee data, health insurance, etc., first payroll, generation of health insurance and income tax returns, evaluations

Day course sage - personnel management
General program operation, organizational structure, approval system, job administration, employee administration, trainee administration, further training management, target agreement, temporary employment administration, evaluations, forms, HR portal

Day course sage - Process Designer
General program operation, rights and role structure, organizational structure, outline, basics of processes, process creation, logging, HR Portal

Day course sage - Processes
general program operation, individual training depending on module and type of desired process

Day course sage - travel expenses
general program operation, comprehensive details of travel expense accounting, payment transactions, export, evaluation options

Day course sage - time management
general program operation, comprehensive details of setting up models (e.g. daily, weekly and shift change models), time accounts, balance rules, absences, setting up terminals & badges


42 Software

Day course ERP
general program operation, orders, incoming and outgoing invoices, article management, customers, goods receipts

Cash desk training
general program operation, accounting variants, reversal



Day course eGECKO - Administrator
Overview of system structure & administration, installation and update, data backup, basic configuration, error analysis

The other training courses and the compilation of topics are currently being revised. If you are interested in a specific topic, please contact us.