Details eGECKO Accounting

With eGECKO Accounting, CSS AG offers a software package that can be used on numerous platforms and database systems thanks to the use of the latest technologies.

In addition to financial accounting, the accounting system includes modules for asset accounting, cost accounting and group management.

Likewise, numerous other ERP modules can be used within the eGECKO complete system in the areas of human resources, materials management, CRM or DSGVO. An integrated archiving system, contract management, an internal control system as well as numerous industry solutions complete the program variety.

The comprehensive controlling tool, which is integrated into the overall system without media breaks and transfers between different sub-areas, completes the portfolio.

It is possible to display key figures and early warning systems, to carry out dedicated project controlling, and to perform corporate planning and budgeting.

Country versions

The eGECKO software is now in use in 24 countries - including the necessary legal specifications and personnel support for the special features in each country, as well as the option of switching the language of the menus and buttons at the touch of a button.

Automations and handling

The software also sets completely new standards in terms of content in the SME sector. There are countless automation options - whether for automatic bank statement processing or invoice receipt management. Triggers and eTasks run predefined processes completely independently.

Individual tasks, notes and resubmissions down to field level enable targeted work - alone or together with other employees.
Unlike many other systems, the software adapts to your needs - not the other way around. For example, the design, the visible fields and the names can be configured down to the user level. Working with validities (e.g. for tax keys) gives you the possibility to make time-related changes in a simple way. A very fine-grained rights and role system expands the configuration options.

Extensions and connection

If required, external programs can be integrated. Interface transfers are possible on file level, via web services or a simple Excel import directly into the program.

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