Details eGECKO Asset Accounting

As a sub-ledger of eGECKO Accounting, Asset Accounting is an integral part of Financial Accounting and Cost Accounting. Incoming invoices from financial accounting can be posted directly through to asset management. This ensures that the general ledger and sub-ledger are always reconciled and all fixed assets and replacement values are consistently listed in an asset history sheet.

Comprehensive valuation types in asset accounting

In eGECKO Asset Management, any valuation types (stocks) can be stored for the assets in Asset Accounting.

Complete integration for clear asset management accounting processes

The posting overview of eGECKO Asset Accounting shows you the individual documents for cost accounting, financial accounting for additions/asset retirements and all asset transactions across all valuation types.

Acquisition, retirement postings or depreciation are clearly displayed as split postings in cost accounting. With the tools available in the eGECKO tables, all tables with fixed assets and depreciation can be displayed ad hoc hierarchically.

All posting processes are clearly visible in tabs and each cell can be controlled separately.

Automated booking of cash discounts

The cash discounts calculated during a payment run and deducted from the total automatically lead to an adjustment of the acquisition or production costs of the assets concerned, so that no additional posting effort is required in Asset Accounting.

Likewise, for a document posted in foreign currency, currency differences are calculated and posted.

Automated transfers to asset management via sample assets

From the accounting document, based on the G/L account and a click on the asset button, sample assets are automatically suggested for the fixed assets, if they are stored for an asset account in the system.