November 26, 2021

Despite, or perhaps because of, the current general conditions, Consulting Härtelt GmbH was able to welcome numerous new customers and also new employees to our ranks. Quite a few customers used this year to bring their own company to a new level in digitalization.

For many years, the compatibility between work, family and life has been a very high priority for us. Flexible and mobile working is thus an essential element for us. The software products we use offer a wide range of options for meeting this requirement. Likewise, digitization increases efficiency and throughput times in the company and also reduces the consumption of resources.

Thus, since the beginning of the year, numerous projects have been completed or will be completed in the coming weeks. In addition to the software products from Diamant and Sage, which offer approaches in the area of accounting and human resources management, for example, for invoice receipt management or applicant management, we have been using the complete eGECKO system for some time with the first customers.

We have been very pleased to see that our customers particularly appreciate the extended possibilities of individual software configuration and, for example, topics such as an integrated archiving system, contract management, a CRM or an internal control system.

We are pleased about the positive development and look confidently into the future.

Software products