April 29, 2022

At the turn of the year, our partnership with Diamant Software GmbH came to an end. Instead, we have added the extensive software offering of CSS AG to our portfolio. Since Diamant customers inform us again and again about long response times of their support staff, we would like to inform you herewith that we are of course still on the road in support & consulting in this software product.

Over several decades we have introduced the Diamant software to companies in Germany and other European countries. Numerous wishes were implemented in the Diamant software together with our customers and the development department. This is therefore part of our DNA down to the database level.

In recent years, however, there have been various parameters that have caused us to focus on the eGECKO product from CSS AG in the future. We see the added value of this software in our daily work.

Nevertheless, it is very important to us that customers can work efficiently with their software according to their wishes and that they also receive comprehensive support.

If you see a need there as a Diamant customer, just contact us, gladly also by phone under 0351-838 7871.