August 18, 2022

In the area of accounting, the contract with Diamant Software GmbH expired at the turn of the year 2021/2022. Subsequently, we were accepted into the family of CSS AG. After several months of intensive cooperation and the conversion of several customers to the software product eGECKO, we were available for a short interview with CSS. We would like to publish this interview on our website as well.

CSS: Why did you become an eGECKO partner?

Daniel Härtelt: As a partner with the Diamant product in our portfolio, we built up a very large customer base throughout Germany and Switzerland over many years and provided them with comprehensive support in all program components of accounting.

Since 2019, however, we have increasingly found that we had more and more complex requirements with our customers, where we had difficulty finding satisfactory solutions even with our integrations to the other products.

As a result, we probed the market, received presentations from various providers and then decided on CSS AG.

The decisive factors were the scope and the possibilities of the product, where even we, as a long-time partner of Diamant Software GmbH, were amazed at what is now possible. But also the chemistry between the management and the employees was right from the beginning. The familiar atmosphere as well as the comprehensive and fast service still inspires us today.

What is the great added value of eGECKO for your customers?

Our goal is always to work from a single source with up-to-date software. 
In the complete eGECKO system, we have the option of integrating numerous components as needed without media discontinuity.

This already starts in the area of accounting, where data is synchronized live between financial accounting, asset accounting and cost accounting. Other integrated modules, such as the archiving system or controlling, make us marvel to this day at how comprehensively evaluations can be created and what possibilities there are for automation.

As a partner in Dresden, who always keeps an eye on Poland and the Czech Republic, we are equally pleased that we can now also serve customers with these requirements due to the internationalization of the software.

What is the response of your customers to eGECKO?

The first customers ventured to make the switch together with us this year. Thanks to the great motivation of our employees and the comprehensive support of CSS AG, we have already come a long way there, despite the extensive configuration options.

Now that the basic state has been established at the customers, we are looking forward to gradually getting to the freestyle and bringing all the advantages to bear in the automations.

One of the best moments was the feedback from a controlling employee, who was delighted to report on the possibilities that are now opening up. But we also received a lot of positive feedback on other topics, such as automatic bank statement processing.

What are you looking forward to in future collaboration?

We ourselves have not been a partner of CSS AG for very long. In addition to the setup and day-to-day business, we had to deal primarily with the issue of interfaces and integrations from third-party systems in the beginning.

Now that numerous templates are available and we have converted our own company and other customers to eGECKO in parallel, we look forward to passing on our knowledge in the future and advising customers and interested parties comprehensively about the possibilities of the various software versions.

In parallel, we have been contributing our entire 25 years of specialized knowledge in waste management, various social sectors or the free economy to the software since the beginning. Thanks to the current technology in eGECKO, the implementation of the wishes always happens very promptly, so that the customers can benefit from it without long waiting time.

Thank you very much for the interview.

You are welcome.