October 13, 2019

From October 3 to 6, a World Cup as well as the Junior European Championships and Senior World Championships in Mountain Bike Orienteering were held around the Rabenberg in Saxony. Consulting Härtelt GmbH was represented as the main sponsor. Several employees looked after the press area on a voluntary basis at the same time.

In orienteering, a certain number of checkpoints must be passed in order in the fastest time on foot, by ski or by bike with the help of a map and compass. The combination of cognitive and physical skills has been practiced in sporting form for well over 100 years and has thousands of followers, especially in Scandinavia.

For many years the name Härtelt has been closely associated with this sport. Consequently, it was also natural to support the international title fights with 630 participants from 27 nations as the main sponsor.

In addition, since 2010 the public relations department has been managed by family members on a voluntary basis at national level. Consequently, also in the run-up to the competitions the necessary press work was realized in Saxony or Germany-wide. In addition to a radio interview, it was necessary to assist the MDR or the Saxon press representatives during the title competitions, for example, and to contribute the appropriate pictures or videos.

Despite very mixed weather conditions, the competitions were a complete success for us and a clear sign of the sporting diversity in Saxony.


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