Individual support

Every customer has his or her personal requirements - even if these are often similar in certain industries. We therefore offer an individually tailored range of support for customers and interested parties.


New software often also means a change in work processes. For efficient work, training is a good way to meet the new requirements. Therefore, we conduct day courses on the programs we offer at our premises. Individual trainings on the company-specific requirements in your company are also possible on request.


The increasing scope of performance of many programs and the increasing possibilities of the hardware almost inevitably lead to the fact that usually only partial knowledge regarding the operation (can) exist. Certain questions arise again and again when using software.

Our hotline is available for such cases. Get the answer to your questions in a cost-effective and time-saving way. Call us or send us an email or fax and let us guide you through the cliffs after a callback.

Workshops and webinars

The programs used change over time. Reasons can be extensions or updates of the respective software. To keep the employees of their company up to date, we regularly organize workshops and webinars on current topics via the Internet.

Further services

As a specialist for a wide range of software products, we offer a broad portfolio of services. Since we sell products from the areas of accounting, human resources, enterprise resource planning and controlling, the associated content and technical requirements are part of our daily business.

Again and again we receive external customer inquiries about our own licensing. We will be happy to analyze the status quo for you and provide advice on the need for optimization.