March 9, 2020

Mobile working is now standard in many companies. Thus, the use of a tablet or phone is now often integrated into the daily workflow. The Sage Employee Portal can now be used flexibly internally and externally.

More and more customers wanted to be able to use the employee portal externally, regardless of the device, without neglecting the necessary security aspects. Access via a secure VPN connection using a notebook has been standard for many larger companies for some time.

In the past, however, the Sage employee portal as a central information and management tool for employee data could only be released externally under certain constellations. We have now been able to close this gap, so that we can offer this facility to our customers in consultation with the IT.

After configuration, you can access your portal data with an Internet connection at any time and from anywhere, as well as enter, edit or change data - even if your data is not stored in a cloud and you use a private cell telephone. We would like to explicitly point out that this is not the development of an app, but the entire portal functionalities are available in the supported browser.

Simply get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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