November 11, 2019

In the human resources sector, there are many different variants of interaction between employees and their superiors. In addition to vacation planning and business trip recording, it is not uncommon for requirements to exist in the context of application management. Employee appraisals or recurring topics, such as certifications and training, supplement the requirements. Sage offers the possibility to design processes individually.

Vacation requests and approval by the respective supervisor(s) are a standard requirement in HR. While the hierarchies in every company are relatively clear, it is not uncommon for a wide variety of individual factors to determine who confirms a vacation request at any given moment. For example, a short- or long-term illness or the supervisor's own vacation could lead to an unclear planning status for the requesting employee. This can be mitigated by a substitute arrangement or individually designed processes.

There are also different approval processes for business trips and the subsequent accounting, for example, depending on the amount of the expected costs.

In the case of applicant management, on the other hand, communication with the applicant must be ensured. At the same time, the data should be made available to the decision-makers as soon as possible so that they can decide on the next steps.

Optimally, the positive interview is followed by the entry process with predefined tasks and steps.

However, the employee topics of further development, target agreement or bonus payment also sometimes have very individual requirements in the company.

Sage HR Suite offers comprehensive options for designing processes individually.