May 30, 2018

For many years, Consulting Härtelt GmbH has been serving customers throughout Germany and Switzerland. As the diamond accounting specialist in the very east of Germany, we have been able to enjoy numerous new challenges in recent years. But also in the human resources area of Sage we have the highest possible HR partner status since 2017.

In the Sage business, we have deliberately focused on all HR topics in recent years and are in active exchange with the manufacturer. In addition to classic payroll accounting, topics such as personnel management, applicant management or time management, there are always issues that require a deep understanding of the software at the table and interface level. The broad team of Consulting Härtelt Gmbh is the essential guarantor for the fact that we were constantly able to develop our abilities with our tasks in the past years.

Therefore, we are pleased as a pure Sage HR partner also in 2018 about the gold status and look forward to new challenges with motivation.

Currently, we are working in the Sage business, among other things, on different integration options to the various DMS providers.

Sage Goldstatus