Details Diamant Software

Diamant is a powerful software in the field of accounting. The program is certified for Germany, Austria, Switzerland or France, among others. The modular and scalable structure as well as the open integration options via web services, a connector or a text-based standard interface enable complete integration into the existing IT landscape.

In addition to financial and asset accounting as well as cost accounting, there are comprehensive evaluation options via a controlling tool. Group accounting including consolidation (intercompany) is also available. Additional modules enable the automation of time-consuming workflows.

A client cockpit offers the possibility of automating comprehensive workflows.


  • With the "Import Bank Statements" module, account statements and return debit notes can be processed automatically.
  • The "Current account" module brings efficiency to the open item management of business relationships with customers who are also suppliers.
  • The records of income and expenses are possible via the "cash book".
  • With the "Down payments" module, you can conveniently enter partial invoices, final invoices and partial final invoices.
  • Processing of digitized invoices is possible with the help of invoice receipt management.
  • Reporting offers extensive options for creating and designing reports and evaluations - in addition to the extensive standard offering.

Sending e-mails is not only possible in the dunning process. This is also convenient in the public sector and in legal case processing. Further possibilities are offered by financial and liquidity planning, cost and profit planning as well as Excel integration for importing plan values and exporting actual and plan figures.

Individual recurring processes can be automated by creating batch jobs.

All information at a glance is displayed in the Diamant Information Cockpit. This start page can be used to display very individual requirements such as deadline reminders, important key figure reports, incoming invoices to be approved or a debtor OI list.